Friday, April 01, 2005

Back to Sewing

I finally bit the bullet and sat down to finish up two knitted items. Four hours later - done! The vest only needed to have the ends worked in. The Beast cardigan had to be sewn together, but the yarn is so thick I decided to go with some Top of the Lamb (sport weight) for the seams. Both were washed and patted out to dry. I'll take pictures when I get home from school.

I ordered a few new patterns for spring and summer sewing. One of them has (what I think to be) a unique feature. There is a separate front pattern piece for B, C, and D cups. I know you can make alterations yourself, but I thought this was pretty cool. I traced the pattern onto gridded pellon and cut a test pattern out of some mystery fabric I'll never use. I always underestimate the time it will take to paint trim, but hopefully I'll have some time left to sew this weekend.


  1. Well then, where are the model shots???

  2. re: twill drafts again. I did find some of Bonnie's drafts in Issue 27 of Weaver's Mag. The article titled "happy families" on p.18 of that issue. This article is sort of the heart of the workshop. If you look on p. 20, I'm essentially doing one column of that gamp w/ my leftover warp.
    I hope you have that issue!