Sunday, January 02, 2005

Sometimes It's the Simple Things

that make me happy. I was playing around with my beads (the last thing on my vacation to do list), checking what I had, and what I needed to actually do any beading. I was thinking how I needed some really small zip lock bags but I assumed I would have to order large lots in order to get a decent price.

Then I went to the dollar store! Lordy, Lordy, look what I found - there are 50 bags in each package.

I bought three, but I'm going to have to go back and get more. Who knows how long they'll carry them?

Back to the beading. I realized I needed crimping pliers, some crimp beads, and a few other things before these beads can turn into something. I did, however, attach a swivel clip to an inkle band turning it into a lanyard for my ID. I'm sure there's a way to finish off the ends of the band, some sort of hemstitching perhaps, but of course I didn't think that far ahead when I was doing it. So I zigzagged the ends and then folded it around the jump ring and bar tacked it. Not very neat, but it'll do the trick.


  1. Strange, but I was just looking for a lanyard to buy today (so far unsuccessfully). Yours looks good.

  2. Well, I *thought* I left a comment....

  3. I marvel at that sometimes, too! ( happy I can feel with the smallest finds!) I have the same baggies and I have a beginning attraction to beading also!