Sunday, December 12, 2004


While taking a retreat class with Deb Menz at SOAR in October, we learned how to strip several different painted rovings and then blend them by attenuating together. Below are three strips from the rovings - and the resulting nests - all ready to spin.

I wanted to be able to make something from the roving spun in the class (3 ounces) so I spun a soft single, with plans for a scarf.

I've started the scarf, which will have a pattern on each end for about 10" and then garter stitch the for the middle. There's not enough done for a picture yet.


  1. Wow, you planned your colors well for blending! I just played the mindless braindead play after a whole week of courses and late nights. O my rovings are being stripped & attenuated seperately to avoid the "mud" look! Almost done with the first one - I'm spindling them. They want to spin itty, bitty thread, so who knows what they will become!

  2. Lovely, just lovely. Those colors look great in the singles!

  3. Thanks, Sue.
    Kim, it wasn't planning, it was being dead tired and picking almost the same colors for each one! One was pretty bland, so I figured blending would be the best bet.