Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Return of the Carder

Finally got back to my carder this weekend. I was playing around with some leftover Ashland Bay roving and some of my Humble Hills romney cross. I couldn't find my diz, so I just stripped off 1.5" widths, attenuated and rolled into it into nice fluffy balls, ready to spin.

I also bagged up several fleeces (flice?) and some mohair that I washed over the last week or two. I have two more in the garage that I need to get washed and brought in. I'm afraid the mice will think I've provided them with an insulated room for the winter.

FINALLY! Joanne Tallarovic's new book, Rep Weave and Beyond, came today. It will be my bedtime reading - think of the dreams I'll have!

1 comment:

  1. The fluff balls are lovely! I am planning an evening of spinning tonight. I love your new word "Flice"!