Sunday, October 17, 2004

Rhinebeck Rocks!

At last, I made it to Rhinebeck - no weddings, no school events, nothing to stand in my way. What a wonderful festival, the crowds are infinitely more manageable than Maryland. Wider walkways and more BATHROOMS. I didn't have to stand in line once. For any MDS&W attendee, that should be reason enough to try out Rhinebeck (on second thought, don't, or I'll be lining up for the bathroom next year)

I arrived Friday night to find Carolyn already at the motel. Kate arrived soon after I did. Enough said - I'll let Carolyn tell the story about the motel, she does it much better than I.

Between catching up with old friends and meeting new ones I managed to acquire quite a conglomeration of things. A gorgeous Shetland fleece found its way into my possession, along with a to-die(dye)-for five pound medium gray Corrie fleece. Other finds were a copy of Marla Mallett's Woven Structures, a new burnishing brush for the carder, some Shetland roving, Lincoln roving, a supported spindle (my last try at cotton), a rush mat for felting, and tons of new ideas.

As all good things must come to an end, I started the drive home and crossing the Hudson River I was greeted with this gorgeous view. Since my camera was within arm's reach, what would any shutterbug do?

All right, folks, don't try this in your car! I wanted a picture without going through glass, so brilliant mind that I have, I zoomed down the window and started shooting out the side window (don't fret, I never took my eyes off the road) never thinking about those pesky physics laws.

Much better, huh?

For those who like the animals at the fair:

White and black Cashmere goats - this one was a little wary of me.

A gorgeous Lincoln getting a final go-over - here she is all done.

Kids 0 - dog 5. I watched five different kids, all ages, try to beat the dog in race that consisted of running up the length of the field and back. The dog even gave the kids a head start. No matter how quick I thought I was I couldn't catch him in a shot.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Your room sounds like one of those horrible places that afterwards adds color and spice to the story. I read all of the reports to Benny and now he wants to come to Rhinebeck one year! Maybe we'll get the room next to you at the nice lodge!