Saturday, October 02, 2004

Aw, Come On!

Catherine beat me to it, but I still have to rant. Handwoven wants to get the word out about weaving. So what do they choose as the ONE question they spent months formulating?

"Given the physical, psychological, spiritual, and meditative qualities of weaving, would you say it is the new Pilates? What health benefits have you received from weaving?"

Bah! Back to the sewing machine ......


  1. Makes you want to reply: "I got this killer dowager hump on my upper back from leaning over to throw/catch the shuttle!! Makes me look like a friggin' camel...You'd love it!!"

  2. Hmmm, and my answer:
    The best benefit I have gotten from weaving is the large, hard callus on my butt cheeks from sitting on the loom bench for hours on end! Makes sitting in front of the TV later *so* easy and comfortable!!!! *g*
    And this is one more reason why I haven't subscribed to Handwoven since Madelyn took over......