Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Wood is a Fiber

I seem to preoccupied with wood lately. After visiting with Marie at her Funny Farm, I saw the cute little pegs she had holding her shuttles.

Yeah, I know, get rid of that speaker wire! My son gave me a woodburning tool for Mother's Day last year and I used it to transfer the Celtic knot design and burn it in. There's also a little circle stamp that I used across the top. (see the close up.) Now I have to learn how to counter sink and plug the screw hole. I also have a router I bought several years ago - just a table top model - and I never used it. Now's the time to bring it out again.

After my success with the shuttle hanger, I went on to make a holder for the pool table rake and those diamond and triangle things you set up the balls in. (you would think that if I have to share studio space with a pool table I'd learn the names) Today I'm making an insert to keep baking sheets and cooling racks upright in my cabinet. I'm in such a drilling and inserting dowel mode that my husband is getting a little worried. I wonder why he's sleeping with one eye open?

On the fuzzy fiber front, I washed up a beautiful white Coopworth lamb fleece I bought at CS. It is just gorgeous. They don't have a website, but if you get a chance to visit Hidden Valley Farm's booth at a fiber festival, don't miss it. Kate secured a couple just minutes before the vendors closed. I also warped the loom for some log cabin towels and samples for my study group.

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