Saturday, July 24, 2004

Who's Afraid of a Little Rain?

At some point you just have to stop watching weather forecasts and go on with your life. We postponed a "smoker" dinner twice and finally decided we were having it last night despite warnings of more rain. Josh had the fire going by 10 and it was ready for the pork and brisket by 11:00. When sprinkles started turning to heavier rain we brough two roaster ovens up to the garage, set them at 200 and transfered everything. They had more than 6 hours of smoking, so the flavor was well infused. The salmon only needs an hour so that never made it to the smoker, but was grilled wrapped in foil. It had been absorbing the dry rub for 15 hours so there was still plenty of flavor. By the time everyone showed, up the rain cleared and stayed away for a few hours.

Now, hopefully, we'll make it through tomorrow's dye day with as few problems. Last year, when rain was threatened, we started to set up in the garage and found the lighting to be pretty poor. Today I am putting hooks and chains in the ceiling of the garage so that I can move the flourescent fixtures up from the basement. I'm still hoping that this advance planning will not be called into use.

You've got to try these - Apple Margaritas! Since we had apple cider for one of the mops, I used that instead of apple juice - gave it a rich flavor. These were a big hit and would be great for Halloween or Thanksgiving.

On the weaving front, the log cabin continues.

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  1. If you haven't already done so, consider getting "grow light" tubes to replace the standard tubes in your flourescent fixtures (available at K- and Wal-Marts, Lowes, Home Depot.....). They give a more "natural" light (and as a bonus, you can grow tomatoes in your basement or garage in the winter!).