Sunday, June 06, 2004

Second Batch

Another 400 grams of corrie. This was 75% magenta, 25% bright blue, with a dribble of the blue on one side and some navy on the other. I'll probably card it with the previous batch as that was rather monochromatic. As you can see, the pool table was MINE today. (and all the crap in the background is NOT MINE)

It was too cloudy and damp to do any drying outside this weekend, but the weather is supposed to be much sunnier and warmer this week. Would a washed fleece suffer from being kept overnight in a laundry basket? I could put it out before I leave for school and hopefully it would be dry by the time I got home. It shouldn't felt if it's just sitting there, not being agitated, right? One more question, why am I still up?


  1. Deb Menz gives a recipe of 4% citric acid -- based on the weight of fiber. I generally use a few heaping teaspoons per roaster load, and get clear exhaust (far better than I ever did with vinegar and the house doesn't stink). I put some tips on my blog this morning.

  2. I think the fleece would be fine overnight in the basket. See if I'm right!

  3. i LOVE the colors there. and i agree - why would it felt just sitting there? should be fine