Saturday, October 04, 2003

Sarah's New Home

My younger daughter Sarah celebrated buying her first house by hosting us all for a party. I meant to take lots of pictures, but as usual I stashed the camera after the first couple of minutes and promptly forgot to take more. I did get one of Laura with our friend Debbi.

Sarah's new house is in the East Falls neighbor in Philadelphia. It's basically one room per floor, with an addition on the first floor where the kitchen is. She has an office on the second floor, along with a bathroom, and her bedroom is on the third floor. The stairs are very steep and spiraled and Sarah was worried about the grandmothers having to use the stairs to get to the bathroom, but they both were able to manuever, with help. It is just so cute, with exposed brick on one side and a cute fenced in patio in the back. She doesn't have any lawn, but there is a garden about 3' by 10' across the front of the house. We're going to plan out some perennials for there - she already has a shad bush the previous owners put in. For the back, she'll be doing all containers, so I'm going to help her plan it out, but we won't plant anything until next spring.

Dan, Laura, and Josh all helped her paint and helped her with the moving. She is so happy to have something all of her own (including the mortgage!) As the third child I think it also made her happy to be the first to be able to take this big step.

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