Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Somthing to Show

I finally got the binding sewn on and the piece hemmed for Josh's room. This is the one I twisted diagonally and poured three different colors over. A technique which worked great on a 1 yard piece did not do as well on a 6' by 9' piece of fabric. The dye didn't get into the center so there were lots of bare spots. I was going to paint on more dye, but didn't know how that would turn out, so I decided to over dye the whole thing. I wet it and spun it out in the washer. Then I smooshed it into a dishpan, poured the remaining blue over it, poured soda ash after about 30 minutes, then put the whole thing in a trash bag and waited about 8 hours. I was really pleased, because I worried that the yellow would turn green, but all was well. Josh really loves it, it's the desert colors he wanted. He came home from the shore today for a visit and he'll be taking it to his college apartment tonight.

I flicked some of the locks I dyed at Claudia's last weekend and spun it up. I was going for a really rough look since I want some texture in my felted fish. The color sure is tropical and the corrie is so soft. It should felt well.


  1. The blanket looks really good! Very gutsy of you to overdye it like that. Here's a nice pat on the back...//patpatpat//

  2. It was only muslin so I wasn't too worried. I put reinforcement across the top so he can thumbtack to his wall. He can't paint and he heard fabric on the walls makes the surround sound better :-) He's his father's kid, that's for sure!