Monday, July 14, 2003

Pictures Are Up

As promised, here are the pictures from Creative Strands.

On the left are 20 cones of Tubular Spectrum yarn from Lunatic Fringe for a color gamp. The middle has Summer Meadow, a 75% Border Leicester 25% kid mohair blend, from Maple Row Stock Farm in Michigan. On the right is some cotton from New World. Don't ask me why I bought cotton - I'll never be able to spin it and I don't like to knit it.

I got some really pretty tussah top from Shadeyside Farms in NY. The picture doesn't do it justice. After Sara's class I should have the skills to do a decent job on it. The pretty green bump is CVM naturally dyed with fustic and indigo. That was from Stefania. On the right is a 70% wool 30% hemp blend from Gurdy Run Farm. I think the hemp will give a nice texture to the yarn.

Some more from Gurdy Farm. It's 75% wool 25% mohair. I'm thinking both of these yarns for a patterned yoke with the brown corrie I'm spinning now. The inkle woven band in the center is pretty dorky, but I think I'd like it for decorative trim in perle cotton or some tightly twisted silk. The two samples are from Sara Lamb's silk class. That's tussah on the left - it includes the part where I was swearing mightily so it's not real even. The bombyx is on the right - that will just soak up the dye.

I also stocked up on some back issues of Weavers and bought Madelyn van der Hoogt's Complete Book of Drafting for Handweavers.

Oh, and after I've told about how Kate has been waxing poetic over her sample card I thought I share this picture of her lusting over her spinning samples. She must have 25 cards filled with samples and all dutifully noted.


  1. Karen7:51 PM

    Wowza! You are going to BRING all this roving to our next spinning meeting so I can lust in person, right?
    Wonder why your whorls didn't fit? I borrowed some with no problem.

  2. When we looked inside, the corners of mine were slightly curved (if that makes sense) so it was like trying to hammer a square peg in a round hole. I guess they changed the shaft. It didn't make any difference with the bobbins, only the whorls.

  3. Nice haul of stuff! Bring some for show & tell. ;-)

  4. Well, I don't know if I want to share, now that I hear you're lying in wait for me!

  5. Y'know, I totally missed Stefania's booth. I think it's because she had all those baskets in there, and I am fighting a basket addiction. Your sara-skeins look beautiful. Are you planning to dye the bombyx?

  6. Yes I going to dye it, but I want to get some more. Remind me to ask Sara this weekend where she got it.